Barn Owls

Videos – Barn Owls

Baby Barn Owls

The chicks are at first covered with greyish-white down and develop rapidly. Within a week they can hold their heads up and shuffle around in the nest. The female tears up the food brought by the male and distributes it to the chicks. Initially these make a “chittering” sound but this soon changes into a food-demanding “snore”.

Barn Owlets at Feeding Time

Jaye Moore, Director of the Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center, feeds the oldest of 5 baby Barn Owls in their incubator at the Center. The owlets nest was disturbed by humans, and the owlets were brought to the Center on 4/19/11, ranging in age from a few days to over a week old.

Mote – the Bathing Barn Owl

This handsome barn owl has “glass bone syndrome,” where all the bones in the wings are fused together.  Raised by people who didn’t provide the appropriate diet for calcium development in his body, he can’t fly and has an underdeveloped body.

Barn Owls learning to Fly

Eight few-months-old barn owlets were brought to the Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center — a Sequim, WA-based wildlife rescue and rehabilitation non-profit — to be raised after being orphaned as small chicks. With the help of two barn owl surrogate moms who are permanent residents of the Center, the eight owls