Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center

Devoted to rehabilitating and caring for injured, orphaned, abandoned, or permanently incapacitated wildlife.

Eagle Rescue

Jaye rescues a trapped eagle.

Barred Owls

Our resident Barred Owls are watching you.

Belle gives Jay a Pat on the Head

Thanks for all you do.

Injured Saw Whet Owl

Our little Saw Whet is recovering from the band removal. 

Young Bobcats

These two were accidentally trapped in Clallam County. They were held at the NWRC for observation, given LOTS of food and water, and released back to the wild.

Dave and Red-Tail Hawk

Dave with Belle at the Lavender Festival

Jaye and Red-Tail Hawk

Jaye and Belle at the Lavender Festival

Eagle Rescue

Jaye during an eagle rescue.


Eagle sitting in a ditch.


Eagle in flight.

Shot Eagle

Eagle shot near Beaver being treated at Graywolf Vetinerary Hospital

Bobcat Kittens and Mother

Baby Bobcats were trapped in Clallham County were fine.  They got a good meal and plenty of water and were released.

Injured American Kestrel

Male American Kestrel that was hit by a car.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Belle, our Red-Tailed Hawk

Peregrine Falcon


Four eagles in our enclosure – 3 males and 1 female.


Jazz, our resident Raccoon has been here since she was a baby.

Injured Eagle

Injured eagle getting a preliminary exam by Jay and one of our volunteers.


We are funded solely by the generous support of our friends and community. Please help. Click the donate button.

Give what you can. We thank you for your support.


Belle, resident Red Tail Hawk, gives Jay a pat on the head for all her hard work.


To the Staff at our volunteer veterinarian hospital for all their services.

Gray Wolf Veterinary Clinic

About NWRC

The Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center in Sequim, Washington is a state-licensed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to rehabilitating and caring for injured, orphaned, abandoned, or permanently incapacitated wildlife.

With a special emphasis on caring for raptors (birds of prey), the Center is the Olympic Peninsula’s foremost wildlife rehabilitation and protection organization and is fully licensed and equipped to care for the needs of any endangered animal.  The Center also specializes in promoting conservation of local habitat and wildlife by presenting environmental education programs and public outreach events using wild raptors.

By Donation Only

All work is done by Director Jaye Moore, her husband Gary, the generous support of Greywolf Veterinary Hospital, and dedicated unpaid volunteers.  On average, it costs the Center $1000 per year to feed and maintain each of the Center’s permanent residents, not to mention the hundreds of injured or abandoned animals that are successfully rehabilitated and released each year.  The Center requires the monetary donations of supporters worldwide to be able to continue its work protecting the wildlife of Washington.

The Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center accepts financial donations (which are tax-deductible) and is interested in donations of large plots of land in the Olympic Peninsula than can be developed into new refuges for rehabbing injured wildlife and housing permanently incapacitated wildlife.

Injured or Abandoned Animals

If you find an injured or abandon animal, please visit our Wildlife Emergencies page and then call Jaye at


Tours are by Donation and Advanced Appointment only.  Please contact to schedule your tour.

School Assembly Program

Get Up Close • Learn About the Life of Hawks and Owls … learn more.

About the Nowthwest Raptor Center by Videographer, Richard Aronson



Greg K – March 2017 – ★★★★★These people do such a great job caring for these wild creatures.

Heather R – July 2016 – ★★★★★ – Toured with the Olympic nature home-school group last week. Kiddo is still talking about all the wonderful birds and how they each live in the wild.

Christy J. M – June 2016 – ★★★★★ When you came to Sussex County, NJ, my daughter and I loved it.  It was amazing God blessing you to take care of them and your family.  Proud of you.  Those are beautiful birds, something you do see every day, and you have a beautiful family.  I’d  like to see more.  We will be moving in December to Bergen county, do you have shows there?

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