About Us

Our Mission

Rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured wildlife.
Presentation of environmental education programs using live birds of prey.
Public outreach to individuals and organizations to appreciate wildlife in order to conserve it.

Releasing an Eagle

Jaye with a Red Tailed Hawk

Injured Fawn

Who We Are

The Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center is a state-licensed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to rehabilitating and caring for injured, orphaned, abandoned, or permanently incapacitated wildlife.

Caring for Raptors and Endangered Animals

With a special emphasis on caring for raptors (birds of prey), the Center is the Olympic Peninsula’s foremost wildlife rehabilitation and protection organization and is fully licensed and equipped to care for the needs of any endangered animal.

The Center also specializes in promoting conservation of local habitat and wildlife by presenting environmental education programs and public outreach events using wild raptors.


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  • Jaye examining barred owl

Founded on Dedication

The Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center has been founded upon the peerless dedication and skill of its Director, wildlife advocate and raptor expert Jaye Moore. In addition to her work as a wife and a mother, Jaye has spent the last thirty years personally rescuing, nursing, and releasing tens of thousands of wild animals — including extremely dangerous predators such as bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and golden eagles. Jaye is internationally renowned for her role in reviving the bald eagle population of Washington and rewriting animal rehabilitation dogma by becoming the first person in history to successfully rehabilitate and release an adult elk.


Built by Friends and Volunteers

Jaye built the current incarnation of the Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center on the property of her family’s suburban home in Sequim, Washington, through her own labor and the support of a close-knit network of friends and volunteers.

Operating on a shoestring budget that affords Jaye little time for relaxation or vacation, the Center is a labor of love dedicated to the service of Washington’s most defenseless residents that depends on the financial support of average citizens.

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