Juvie Bobcats

These two were accidentally trapped in Clallam County. Ther wwer held at the NWRC for Observation and given LOTS of food and water so they could be released back to the wild.

Another Success Story ~~Linda

More About Bobcat Kittens

The female raises the young alone. One to six, but usually two to four, kittens are born in April or May, after roughly 60 to 70 days of gestation. Sometimes, a second litter is born as late as September. The female generally gives birth in an enclosed space, usually a small cave or hollow log. The young open their eyes by the ninth or tenth day. They start exploring their surroundings at four weeks and are weaned at about two months. Within three to five months, they begin to travel with their mother.  hey hunt by themselves by fall of their first year, and usually disperse shortly thereafter.  In Michigan, however, they have been observed staying with their mother as late as the next spring.